Cyclic Defrost on Gareth Dickson’s “Collected Recordings”

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Cyclic Defrost review the new Gareth Dickson album Collected Recordings.
Glaswegian Dickson opens the compilation with ‘Fifth (The Impossibility of Death)’, a form of sonic sculpture with layers of static, long extensions of tones, plays of surfaces extending and reshaping while a minimum of guitar play opens and heightens melodic possibilities. It highlights the use of reverb that in the more folk driven tracks is played not to as radical a conclusion but to create atmospheric effect for the delivery of Dickson’s poetic weavings. If the comparisons to Drake are to abound it is clear in the halting melancholic intonation on ‘Song Woman Wine’, where words are extended as halting tones into wistful ether. Such is the romantic construction of the folk realm that cleverly creates a mystery with a simple shape change. ‘Trip to Blanik’ returns to instrumental guitar and effects landscape, where cleverness and densely packed and layered experimentation abound.

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Slowcoustic on Collected Recordings

Slowcoustic share thoughts on the new Gareth Dickson album.
There has been fewer perfect moments than a tranquil back yard on a Sunday Morning…the yard half immersed in sunlight and the other half (where you find yourself on the precipice of) still in the shade.  The shaded side still with the dew beneath your feet from the cool, yet crisp grass…slowly warming up due to the ever approaching sunlight.  For those moments in the dewy shade…with that first cup of coffee and Gareth’s delicate vocals drifting over what can only be described as Slowcoustic.

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Collected Recordings by Gareth Dickson reviewed by Textura

Textura review Collected Recordings by Gareth Dickson.
Throughout the fifty-minute recording, the finger-picking of his glistening steel-stringed acoustic guitar merges wonderfully with his fragile vocalizing, and the peaceful ambiance created by the slow-motion tracks is seductive too; if anything, the oasis of calm established by Collected Recordings is so soothing one would prefer to never leave.

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Gareth Dickson – Two Trains

An absolute stunner from Gareth Dickson, Two Trains is available on Collected Recordings. On sale now in the Drifting Falling store. Gareth Dickson is on tour now in Europe.

Spring/Summer tour dates

We just added a bunch of tour dates to the newly created Events page. Dates from Gareth Dickson, Kontakte, Televise and Cheer. Go have a look and plan your summer accordingly.

Gareth Dickson’s Collected Recordings review by CITB

“I actually feel like the world has slowed down whilst listening to “Collected Recordings.” The pace takes you from the rigours of city modernity and slides you into the calmer waters of pensive naturalistic awakenings. It’s a slow journey that is fraught with melancholy but it’s the sort of stupor that you can actually feel the music help you release from. Like a dose of aural medicine that is bound to have a cathartic effect on the soul.”

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Video, Track Previews, Store Updates & Pre-orders!!

We’ve updated the Drifting Falling Store to include the pre-order of two forth coming releases that we’re very excited about.
Gareth Dickson – Collected Recordings
Oppressed by the Line – Kiku

We’ve also been quietly adding track previews to the store. There are still a couple of albums left to do, but we’ve made huge progress, so check out the store, have a listen, and get stuck in.

Finally, to wet your appetite, check the a video for Shinkansen (track 5) from the forthcoming Oppressed by the Line disc below: