After completing his art studies in Florence, Francesco went home to Salerno and gave life to a project that represented the culmination of his musical journey to that point. From his initial collaborations with several projects during his teenage years through to the making of a more intimate and solitary music.

In 2007 he began working on several songs blending electronic elements with acoustic instruments creating a sound with extraordinary emotional impact. The songs are characterised by the use of acoustic instruments such as rhodes piano guitar, bass guitar, strings, mellotron, glockespiel and diamonic fluctuating along with a complicated structure of concrete sounds, glitch and noises that make up the rhythmic/percussive structure of the music.

Inspired by the pastoral beauty of nature and its evocative power that holds sway over him, When the Clouds very name can be left open to interpretation. When the clouds bring a storm in a summer sunset or retreat leaving behind a blue clear sky in winter these images bring an emotional significance that is described through the music. Joy or sorrow, hope or melancholy.

Despite the fact that there haven’t been any official releases his project has garnered much interest and a large online following. In 2009 he signed a deal with Drifting Falling for his debut EP “The Longed-For Season”.

His main influences range from Northern European folktronic (Efterklang, Mùm) to instrumental post rock (Godspeed You! Black Emperor, Mogwai, Explosion in the sky) bearing in mind contemporary composers Nyman and Glass’ minimalism.

The Longed-For Season is a six track tapestry that reveals more and more of itself with each listen. Equal parts restraint, masterfully crafted tension and euphoric release that will leave listeners lost in thought.

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Release Label Year
The Longed-For Season Drifting Falling 2010

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