Matt Bartram interviewed by When the Sun Hits

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Interesting interview with Matt Bartram from When the Sun Hits.
London-based musician Matt Bartram is best known as the creative mastermind behind the much-beloved Air Formation, who split almost exactly a year ago in April 2011, to much dismay. However, anyone truly familiar with Matt and his work knew that this was certainly not the end of his musical endeavors. Over the past 13 years, Matt has proven to be one of the most prolific, consistent and respected songwriters of the second wave of shoegazing. Never the sort of musician to remain quiet, always feeling the need to keep moving forward, Matt has also released music under the project name The Static Silence (a collaboration with Rachel Goldstar of Experimental Aircraft, Eau Claire and All in the Golden Afternoon), as well as remixed tracks for Kontakte and Monster Movie (the enduring project from Christian Savill of Slowdive). He’s also released several solo albums, these being more experimental excursions recorded mainly at home. These include 2008’s highly lauded Arundel and it’s follow up, 2009’s Left to Memory, which features some of Matt’s most compelling work to date. Matt’s newest project, You Walk Through Walls, formed with fellow Air Formation alumnus James Harrison (together with Harry Irving) was announced following the early 2011 news about the split of Air Formation, and Bartram fans have waited anxiously for a taste of what’s to come. Y You Walk Through Walls’ debut EP is slated to be released via Club AC30 this summer. Two new tracks from the EP were released this week via Soundcloud (you can find them in the body of the interview) to overwhelming critical acclaim, and excitement continues to build as we all wait to hear the EP in it’s full and final form. Please enjoy the following interview with Matt Bartram, a truly lovely fellow. Cheers. Read more