‘Soundtracks To Lost Road Movies’ is the debut full length from London based band kontakte, highlighting their penchant for pushing the limits of the sonic-spectrum, combining ethereal melodies, celestial tones and a pulsing electronic backbeat to produce a hypnotic noise with depth, space and staggering intensity.

The second half of the album features some of kontakte’s contemporaries with remixes of album tracks. The instrumental nature of the music lends itself well to reinterpretation, perhaps most evident with Tim Holmes (Death in Vegas/Electric Loop Orchestra), remix of ‘Ghosts Of Electricity’. Holmes transforms the composition until it seems as if the music is running backwards, forwards, sideways, up, down, inside and out. This serves as one highlight of a remarkable debut album also featuring remixes from Twelve (Chris Olley of Six. By Seven), Winterlight, Polysicness and fellow Drifting Falling artists Matt Bartram (Air Formation) and Oppressed By The Line. These mixes embellish and enhance the source composition by infusing their own unique sounds and textures always nding fresh moments of breathtaking beauty.

In the two short years since kontakte’s inception, the band has completed a successful two week UK tour with Norway’s Lionheart Brothers and established themselves by performing intense live shows earning them journalist praise and support slots with bands such as The Early Years, 120 Days, Asobi Seksu, M83, Six. By Seven, Vessels, Redjetson and Can’s Damo Suzuki.

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Release Label Year
Soundtracks to Lost Road Movies Drifting Falling 2008
Superbug Drifting Falling 2010
We Move Through Negative Spaces Drifting Falling 2011

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