1. Q. Can I send you a demo? A.We love hearing new music, and unlike some labels we don’t take a Luddite approach to receiving them. This is the 21st century after all, so we’re more than happy to receive demos in some sort of digital format.Before you send us ANYTHING, go to the releases sectionand have a listen to what we do. Then…Practice common sense and DO NOT directly email us mp3s…they’ll likely get deleted straight away. Email us a link to your MySpace or an mp3 we can download. Better yet, if you look on the sidebar of most the pages on this site you’ll see that we have a link to our Soundcloud Dropbox. Also, please tell us a little about your music, who you are, and include a link to any press materials. Don’t make us play a guessing game…life’s too short. Excercise the same amount of thought and reason as you would when sending a physical demo.Wasting our time is wasting your time. Of course we’d be more than happy to receive a physical demo as well. Keep in mind that Drifting Falling is a tiny label with a limited release schedule.
  2. Q. What genre of music do you release? A. I hate trying to pigeon hole music, trying to put everything into a little box. I guess I’d say that we enjoy electronica, idm, glitch, ambient, shoegaze, c86 and folk. More importantly we like music with heart and emotion. If you’d like to hear what kind of stuff we’re actually putting out, click through to our MySpace page.
  3. Q. I want to write a review one of your releases, can I get a press copy? A. For review purposes we will usually send out promo copies of our releases, but on occasion we may set up password protected or otherwise hidden “industry pages” where you can download the mp3s, one sheet and cover art.
  4. Q. Can I book a DriftingFalling artist to play my night/event? A. Yes, please email us the details and we’ll pass it on.
  5. Q. Can I get a DriftingFalling artist to remix my track? A. Possibly, please contact us with details if you have something specific in mind.