Self taught musician Alec Cheer hails from the northern climbs of Scotland where he began making music in his early teens recording out-of-tune guitars and playing around with pitch too much. He has since relocated to Glasgow where he attends art school, and has played in various bands for the past five years. All the while he continues to find time to record his solo work, having since mastered the art of recording with his guitar in tune. He supplements these guitar based recording sessions with found sounds captured with his trusty dictaphone and any makeshift instrument needed to get the desired result. He then magics these elements together into works of sheer bliss on his computer.

Listening to Cheer evokes visions of dying autumn days and the last exhalation of summer, forgotten childhood memories captured on faded photographs and that favourite jumper that you held onto long after it was too threadbare to be socially acceptable. The sound is introspective, but optimistic enough to put a euphoric smile on your face. Nature meets synthesis; like a railway line engulfed by trees or a flock of birds happily resting upon a wire carrying enough electrical current to power an entire neighbourhood.

Select Discography

Release Label Year
Viaduct Self Released 2001
New Toy Bits Self Released 2004
Three Parts Worthy Records 2006
Night Map Benbecula Records 2006
Aug 19th Self Released 2006
Red Walk Drifting Falling 2007
Static Traps Benbecula Records 2008
Partick Car Lights Benbecula Records 2008
Dawn Chorus Distance Recordings 2009
Festive Self Released 2009
Defuse You Self Released 2009

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