My Kappa Roots (aka Pablo Clark) grew up on the north shores of the Kingdom of Fife, a region of contradictions, of pretty seaside villages and ex-coal mining towns. It is against this landscape that My Kappa Roots sets his songs, poetic rites of passage, linked by myth and magic. Tales recounted at first light creating a place, part truth part fiction, but a sense of place which even now holds him under its spell.

The House of St. Colme Burnt Down is the debut album from My Kappa Roots. Brilliant, brittle and breathtaking are just some of the words that can be used to describe the startling debut from the Scottish songwriter. Sad folk songs emerge from a pastoral landscape of sound, serving as a soundtrack to forgotten youth. Sure to appeal to even the most disaffected part of us all. The House of St. Colme Burnt Down, named after an old house he used to play around with his childhood mates, spans the stark breach between the music of Arab Strap and Nick Drake.

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Release Label Year
The House of St. Colme Burnt Down Drifting Falling 2007

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