Simon Scott was born in Cambridge on 3rd March in the early seventies and spent his early teens drumming for The Charlottes who released the “Love Happy” album on Bristol’s Subway Records and a second album “Things fall apart” on Cherry Red. After tours with bands such as Ride, House of Love and Swervedriver he joined Slowdive who signed to Creation records in 1990. He spent three successful years with Slowdive which included drumming on the debut “Just for a Day” album and working with Brian Eno on Slowdive’s second album “Souvlaki”.

In the late nineties Simon formed alternative/noise/electronica outfit Inner Sleeve in which he was the primary songwriter and played guitar and sang lead vocals. They released two singles and one album on Fierce Panda. He later drummed for Lowgold who signed to Nude records, home of Suede and Ultrasound, in 1999.

Simon formed Televise in 2003 after a rare sighting of his hometown legend and ex-Pink Floyd hero Syd Barrett inspired him to continue songwriting and “make the music I want to make”. After releasing the Outside Out single on Club AC30 in May, 2005 was spent recording songs for a debut full-length with Pat Collier. 2007 saw a major change in musical direction with “Strings and Wires”, taking on a much more ambient minimal electronic feel. 2007 also saw the birth of Seavault, Simon’s collaboration with Isan’s Antony Ryan, who recently released a single on Morr Music.

This new material is very much the sound of a man following his heart…making the music he wants to make. This new record is called Sometimes Splendid Confusion, and is the brilliant follow up to both Strings and Wires and Simon’s recent limited edition release “Secret Valentine” on Distant Noise Records.

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Release Label Year
Club AC30 #3 (Smile) Club AC30 2004
I Don’t Know Why Club AC30 2005
Songs to Sing in A&E Club AC30 2006
Strings and Wires Drifting Falling 2007
Ulrich Schnauss/Isan – Remixes Club AC30 2007
Secret Valentine Distant Noise 2008
Sometimes Splendid Confusion Drifting Falling 2008

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