Clem Leek is a UK based composer and multi-instrumentalist (piano, violin, guitar, and various other instruments). He studied at Bath Spa University and earned a Creative Arts degree;  following it up with a Masters in Music Composition. He finds inspiration among his neo-classical contemporaries such as Max Richter, Keith Kenniff, Nils Frahm, Peter Broderick and Dustin O’Halloran as well as minimalist pioneers Steve Reich and Philip Glass.

Clem’s latest output, full length album “Lifenotes”, will be released on Drifting Falling. “Lifenotes is a combination of old and new pieces, each one is very close to my heart. I wanted to keep the album very basic and raw. In my previous cd’s (Holly Lane especially) my emphasis was on creating rich and dense soundworlds. For this cd it was all about getting back to basics and recording pieces that were simple, which hapens to be my best way of writing.”

His writing process varies. When asked about it he said, “I am not one for sticking to structures so I tend to write quite freely. Sometimes I write it down and sometimes not. For piano material I tend to sit down and just improvise, but for more complex soundscaping or for pieces that require more attention to the production side I use Logic & Ableton live, plugins and effects.”

Select Discography

Release Label Year
Through The Annular Schedios 2010
Snow Tales Experimedia 2010
Holly Lane Hibernate 2010
The Plan Brian Records 2010
A Letter Hibernate 2011
V/A – For Nihon Unseen Music 2011
Lifenotes Drifting Falling 2011

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