Fluid Radio reviews Moments Before by Matt Bartram

‘Moments Before’ casts Matt Bartram on a sea full of low slung shoe gazed waves and anti static walls of noise. I reviewed his fourth record ‘The Dreaming Invisible’ for this site in 2013. Back then I was wondering how he made such a big sound out of small means. Now I imagine I can […]

Texura reviews Matt Bartram’s “Moments Before”

So much of a recording’s effectiveness hinges on its mix—the spatial distribution of instruments, the layering of sounds, decisions regarding emphasis and de-emphasis, overall dimensionality—but such considerations assume even greater importance when shoegaze is involved. With the volume amped high, finding a way to achieve clarity in the mix and differentiation between elements poses an […]

Blurb from Sound&Vision about the new Matt Bartram album Moments Before

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Matt Bartram is unstoppable. Last year gave life to his new band You Walk Through Walls , in mid- Air Formation revived and now, aimed at 2016, announces his next solo material: Moments Before. This production will be the fourth in the side of the British shoegaze solo musician, and will hit the market next […]

“Dissolve” from Matt Bartram is out today

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The new single “Dissolve” from Matt Bartram is out today. This is the first single off of his forthcoming full length due out in January. Available from all the digital outlets or directly from us via the Drifting Falling Bandcamp page. Turn it up and enjoy! Dissolve by Matt Bartram

Matt Bartram interviewed by When the Sun Hits

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Interesting interview with Matt Bartram from When the Sun Hits. London-based musician Matt Bartram is best known as the creative mastermind behind the much-beloved Air Formation, who split almost exactly a year ago in April 2011, to much dismay. However, anyone truly familiar with Matt and his work knew that this was certainly not the […]

Mind the dust…

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As you can see we’ve got a new site. We hope you like it as much as we do. It’s not feature complete yet, we’re still changing and adding things so please bear with us. In the meantime… look at this random picture of a puppy.

Avant Music News reviews “Lifenotes”

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Review from Avant Music News of “Lifenotes” by Clem Leek: Clem Leek from Kent in the southeast of England is an ostensibly ambient composer who frankly invests too much emotion and melody in his music to be characterized as such. In less than two years since debuting as a recording artist, he has released an […]

Damian Valles – Fluid Radio Exclusive

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Damian Valles Exclusive by Fluid Radio on Mixcloud

Igloomag.com reviews “Skeleton Taxa” by Damian Valles

Musician, artist and greengrocer Damian Valles enjoyed a bumper year in 2011 (highlighted by the birth of a healthy baby boy). He released two mini-CDs, a full-length, and rounded off his stint as curator of the admirable “Rural Route” mini-CD series. Most of the entries in said series can be characterized as ambient, as can […]

Leonard’s Lair reviews Matt Bartram’s “The Dreaming Invisible…….”

Once of Air Formation and The Static Silence, Bartram has offered more than a decade of good service to the shoegaze genre. For his latest album though, he has applied certain constraints. Firstly, there would be no vocals or drums and only one guitar would be used plus – in his words – “whatever effects I […]