Mind the dust…

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As you can see we’ve got a new site. We hope you like it as much as we do. It’s not feature complete yet, we’re still changing and adding things so please bear with us. In the meantime… look at this random picture of a puppy. Puppy

Drifting Falling Store

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We’ve made some small updates to the Drifting Falling store. We’ve increased the size of the release artwork, slightly.  As well as implementing better integration with SoundCloud. At the moment this integration only extends to the 3 latest releases with short preview clips still accessible on individual release pages.  Go have a look, a listen and let us know what you think.

Spring/Summer tour dates

We just added a bunch of tour dates to the newly created Events page. Dates from Gareth Dickson, Kontakte, Televise and Cheer. Go have a look and plan your summer accordingly.

Mind the dust…plus Facebook.

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I updated the software powering this website to the latest version over the weekend.  Somewhere along the lines, I seem to have lost some images, and it appears as though none of the streaming audio is working.  Please bear with us will we iron out these glitches.

We’ve added a link to our Facebook page, please follow us on Facebook and join in the conversation.  Also we’ve added some functionality to make it easy for you to spread the love, using the “ShareThis” function on the bottom of every post you’ll easily be able to share what you read here on your favorite social network.

Site maintenance…

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I had to update WordPress tonight, the previous version was driving me mad (re-writing my html code and what not). It’s around 1:30am as I write this post and quite frankly I don’t have anymore gas left in the tank. So there are a few things that are not quite right stylewise. I’ll hopefully get those sorted out soon enough, but in the meantime all the functionality should be there. Thank you and goodnight.

Just noticed the audio players aren’t working. Sorry. I’ll look into this after I get some sleep.

Matt Bartram and Televise albums on pre-order

Televise – Sometimes Splendid Confusion & Matt Bartram – Arundel
Both albums are on pre-order in the Drifting Falling store. The release date for both albums is March 11th, but pre-orders ship on March 4th.

Store update

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We’ve updated the store, optimized some of the source code and added a link directly from the main site navigation. Go ye forth a purchase.


While we’re still in the middle of this site overhaul, we’ve restored access to our old store to allow you to continue to purchase our releases through the site.

Plugging away…

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We’re still plugging away trying the get all of the content into the site, we’re also still tweaking the design and so on, so if you see that stuff that looks shit, rest assured we’re probably aware it looks shit, and have added it to our task list. Please do let us know in the comments of this post if you find any issues, but don’t be a twat.

What’s going on?

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You’re probably wondering what the heck happened to the driftingfalling website, and the simple answer is that we’re converting to wordpress for content management. It won’t look like this for long, fear not. But in the meantime it will be much easier for us to keep you updated. Please bear with us, we’ll be back up to speed before long. We promise.