The “Don’t Pee on the Rug” 25

Don’t Pee on the Rug have settled in on their 25 favorite albums of 2009, and there are two entries from Drifting Falling artists on the list. At number 5 is Gareth Dickson with “Collected Recordings”. At number 25 is Matt Bartram with “Left to Memory”. Simon Scott, who has recorded for Drifting Falling as Televise also makes the list at number 23 with Navigare out on Miasmah. Also worth mentioning one of our favorite artists Epic45 are on the list at number 6 with “In All The Empty Houses” out on Make Mine Music.

Gareth Dickson featured on Spinning on Air on WNYC

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Gareth Dickson was recently featured on the “Thank You, Guitar” episode of Spinning on Air with David Garland on WNYC. You can listen here (Gareth Dickson start at around 13:40), or view the episode page here. It was recorded live in studio when Gareth was touring with Vashti Bunyan. The full session will air in December.

Phanton Channel’s best of 2009 includes Gareth Dickson

Well apparently it’s the time of year for reflection. British indie label Phantom Planet have named Gareth Dickson’s “Collected Recordings” in their list of the 50 Best albums of 2009. I know we’re supposed to be all “gosh” and humble, but sod that “we agree!”. It’s one hell of a disc. One that I think we’ll keep coming back to year after year.

6. Collected Recordings | Gareth Dickson (Drifting Falling)

An over-looked gem of a record where Labradford meets Nick Drake in one of the most dream-like of recordings in 2009. Glasgow-based Dickson is a master craftsman and his songs are simply sublime.

Textura – 2009 TOP 10S AND 20S

Textura has named Gareth Dickson’s “Collected Recordings” as Number 7 in it’s Top 20 albums of 2009! We’re very excited about this because Textura is a publication that we hold in very high regard. Read the text below.
07. Gareth Dickson: Collected Recordings (Drifting Falling)

Though Gareth Dickson cites Aphex Twin, Brian Eno, Bert Jansch, Robert Johnson, and Nick Drake as influences, it’s clearly the latter that stands out from that diverse crowd in Dickson’s music; in fact, there are a few songs on Collected Recordings that sound so uncannily like the long-dead legend, they could pass for newly-discovered Drake songs. Throughout Dickson’s fifty-minute recording, the finger-picking of his steel-stringed acoustic guitar merges wonderfully with his fragile voice, and the peaceful ambiance created by the slow-motion tracks proves seductive too.

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A Tale of a New Convert

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On Fire with Gareth Dickson:
Having taken the boat from Sligo to Dublin last Friday night to catch what I could of the Homelights festival curated by Adrian Crowley and featuring performances from Katell Keineg, James Yorkston and others, I left the show wondering just who the fuck Gareth Dickson was. Imagine my scepticism as his gangly frame lurched toward the stage upstairs in Whelan’s, guitar in hand half way through what was ostensibly an Adrian Crowley inspired folk music love in.
And yet……two songs later and I turned to the person next to me asking who the hell he was (‘Gary something. Not sure.’) Onstage he cuts a Nick Drake-like dash, sporting a Kevin Shields’ fringe. In many ways he ploughs the same hypnotic furrow as Chequerboard (but with vocals), and he plays a wonderfully brief but intense set complete with two impeccable covers of the aforementioned Nick Drake.

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“50 best records of the past decade”

Don’t Pee on the Rug offer up thier “50 best records of the past decade”.  Gareth Dickson’s “Collected Recordings” earns honorable mention.
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Collected Recordings @ Forest Gospel

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Forest Gospel share thoughts on Gareth Dickson’s “Collected Recordings”
The title to Gareth Dickson’s most recent album, Collected Recordings, sounds as if the songs were gathered together from old scraps or off of out of print titles. Unfortunately, I don’t really know much about Mr. Dickson’s prior releases, so whether or not this stuff is completely new is unknown by me. However, what I do know is that Dickson has the ability to heal souls with his soothing brand of acoustic guitar work and vocal work. When you first hear his voice, it is impossible not to think of Nick Drake, yet his slow, atmospheric guitar work is more reminiscent of modern folk soundscapist, Scott Tuma. The combination of the two titanic musical figures in Dickson’s work is awe inspiring. Eleven lengthy tracks sliced straight from heaven. Plus, isn’t any album really just a bunch of collected recordings?

Forest Gospel

Ten Questions with Gareth Dickson

There’s a great interview with Gareth Dickson in Textura. Below is an excerpt:
Gareth Dickson’s Collected Recordings caught our ear in a major way upon its release earlier this year, so much so that it’s remained pretty much a listening fixture ever since. The disc deftly merges Dickson’s varied musical interests—ambient electronic treatments (by way of Eno and Aphex Twin) and classic acousic folk (of the Nick Drake kind)—into an oft-beautiful set of entrancing songs and instrumentals. Having worked with Vashti Bunyan and Max Richter, Dickson’s got many a story to tell, and we were lucky to be apprised of a generous number of them during a recent interview with the Glasgow-based musician. Based on his comments regarding his most recent musical output, it should be fascinating to monitor the paths his future music follows.

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TSB reviews Collected Recordings

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The Silent Ballet weigh-in on Collected Recordings by Gareth Dickson.
It is in these first two tracks that we get a sense of the pacing for the entire record: a dialogue between a calm, inquisitive voice and echoes of arpeggiated silence – a landscape that disappears into itself as soon as we think we recognize one of its clear details.

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Don’t Pee on the Rug offer up thier “Halfway List”

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The scribes at the humorously named Don’t Pee on the Rug blog have listed Collected Recordings in the top ten of their “Halfway List” which is a list of their picks for the best albums of 2009…so far. As well as offering up a brief review of the disc.