The “Don’t Pee on the Rug” 25

Don’t Pee on the Rug have settled in on their 25 favorite albums of 2009, and there are two entries from Drifting Falling artists on the list. At number 5 is Gareth Dickson with “Collected Recordings”. At number 25 is Matt Bartram with “Left to Memory”. Simon Scott, who has recorded for Drifting Falling as Televise also makes the list at number 23 with Navigare out on Miasmah. Also worth mentioning one of our favorite artists Epic45 are on the list at number 6 with “In All The Empty Houses” out on Make Mine Music.

Spring/Summer tour dates

We just added a bunch of tour dates to the newly created Events page. Dates from Gareth Dickson, Kontakte, Televise and Cheer. Go have a look and plan your summer accordingly.

Track Preview » Televise “Rain.Dot.Sunshine”

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Rain.Dot.Sunshine is the third track from Sometimes Splendid Confusion. Beautifully layered pastoral melancholy.


Track Preview » Televise “Tropical Mix”

Tropical Mix is the first track from the forthcoming Televise (Simon Scott) album Sometimes Splendid Confusion. Transient, pastoral, beautiful.


Sleep? Who Needs Sleep?

Starting Press

I thought I’d share this pic of the first piles of Matt Bartram and Televise CDs packaged for press. The preorder is in full swing, get stuck in.

Matt Bartram and Televise albums on pre-order

Televise – Sometimes Splendid Confusion & Matt Bartram – Arundel
Both albums are on pre-order in the Drifting Falling store. The release date for both albums is March 11th, but pre-orders ship on March 4th.


While we’re still in the middle of this site overhaul, we’ve restored access to our old store to allow you to continue to purchase our releases through the site.

Trying not to temp the fates

I’ve been looking at the release schedule, and grinning for the last half hour. We have some truly stunning releases coming your way in the coming months, but just as I avoid walking under ladders, I also try not unmasque layed plans too early for fear of tempting the fates who thus far have been very kind to us. That said, the next few releases include, the debut full length from Oppressed by the Line entitled “Soft Focus”, the debut full length from Matt Bartram of Air Formation called “Arundel”, and a stunning new ep from Televise entitled “Sometimes Splendid Confusion”.

Strings and Wires

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Strings and WiresStrings and Wires by Televise officially hits on May 1st, but you can purchase it now on the releases page. Televise new mini-album is a brave step into ambient minimal electronica. Finely sculpted works for your listening pleasure. This releases offers up 5 new tunes and a brilliant remix of “This is Where” as reworked by Mole Harness. Essential!

Televise (Simon Scott)

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We’re very excited to announce that we will be working with Televise (Simon Scott) on a new EP for 2007. Taking on a much more ambient electronic feel, this new material is very much the sound of a man following his heart. If you’re unfamiliar with Simon or Televise view his roster page for a rather thorough synopsis.