Video, Track Previews, Store Updates & Pre-orders!!

We’ve updated the Drifting Falling Store to include the pre-order of two forth coming releases that we’re very excited about.
Gareth Dickson – Collected Recordings
Oppressed by the Line – Kiku

We’ve also been quietly adding track previews to the store. There are still a couple of albums left to do, but we’ve made huge progress, so check out the store, have a listen, and get stuck in.

Finally, to wet your appetite, check the a video for Shinkansen (track 5) from the forthcoming Oppressed by the Line disc below:

Kontakte – Soundtracks to Lost Road Movies

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It’s here, the debut full length from London based Kontakte. They effortlessly blend motorik beats with face-melting guitar sounds.  “Soundtracks to Lost Road Movies” highlights their penchant for pushing the limits of the sonic-spectrum, combining ethereal melodies, celestial tones and a pulsing electronic backbeat to produce a hypnotic noise with depth, space and staggering intensity.

Kontakte – Pacific Coast Highway


Track Preview » Oppressed by the Line “Solitude”

Beginning and ending with a beautifully lilting guitar melody, Solitude is a track that will win you over with it’s sorrowful transcendence.  Solitude is the 5th track from Soft Focus.

Oppressed by the Line – Solitude

Track Preview » Oppressed by the Line “Sorry I Never Wrote You Back”

To help you get fired up for the coming release of Soft Focus, we’re posting a preview of the second track from the forthcoming album. It’s called “Sorry I Never Wrote You Back”.

Oppressed by the Line – Sorry I Never Wrote You Back

Oppressed by the Line – Soft Focus (Pre-Sale)

The wait is over, the follow up to The Cause of the Colour is now available for pre-order in the Drifting Falling store. Soft Focus, is overall richer in texture and more thoroughly realized than it’s predecessor. It’s 10 tracks of mournful melodies and sonic bliss…  You can preview Condensation, the first track, below.

Oppressed by the Line – Condensation

“The Cause of the Colour” in the Drifting Falling store

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In honor of the addition of the first Oppressed by the Line disc “The Cause of the Colour” to the Drifting Falling store, we present the song that electronic musician Antony Ryan (Isan) told us made him go pick up his guitar.

Oppressed by the Line – Even

Track Preview » Matt Bartram “View of the Downs”

View of the Downs is the fourth track from Arundel.  Waves of distortion and feedback to get lost in.


Edinburgh folk scene

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I stumbled across an interesting blog post about Edinburgh’s folk scene that I thought I’d share. Two of my very favorite people in Edinburgh are My Kappa Roots and The Wee Rogue.

My Kappa Roots – Summer You Dancer [audio:drifting003/07-summeryoudancer.mp3]

Available in the Drifting Falling store.

Track Preview » Televise “Rain.Dot.Sunshine”

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Rain.Dot.Sunshine is the third track from Sometimes Splendid Confusion. Beautifully layered pastoral melancholy.


Track Preview » Matt Bartram “Leave by Nine”

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Leave by Nine is the third track from Arundel. Absolutely stunning noise.