When the Clouds on The Silent Ballet

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When The Clouds is featured on the latest Silent Ballet compilation, The Silent Ballet: Volume XIV:


  1. The Sight Below: Fervent

  2. The Boats: The Astronaut

  3. Glittering Blackness, Fall: III

  4. ef: Sons of Ghosts

  5. Nice Wings, Icarus!: Eagle

  6. Nervous Doll Dancing: Les Pommes

  7. Nils Frahm: Because This Must Be

  8. Youth Pictures of Florence Henderson: Our Door Handles Stopped Moving Years Ago

  9. Charlieshero: Oh, Good Morning

  10. Radiant City: Key Control

  11. When the Clouds: The Dawn and the Embrace

  12. Arrive Alive: It’s Not What You Say It’s How You Say It