The Silent Ballet reviews “The House of St Colme Burnt Down”

Posted by on Feb 10, 2009 in my kappa roots, review | No Comments
The Silent Ballet had some nice things to say about The House of St Colme Burnt Down by My Kappa Roots.
Upon listening to The House of St. Colme Burnt Down, the album name inspired by a childhood play spot, one feels haunted, calm, heart-wrenched, warm, and lonely, often simultaneously. The listener often wonders if My Kappa Roots is suffering, his skilled finger picking bringing him a brief respite from the pain. The guitar is just as beautiful as Clark’s voice, but it is important to note that the lyrics are often indiscernible without close listening. Clark sings as if he doesn’t know if he deserves to be heard or not. He definitely does, but the music is so expressive instrumentally that it feels as if the lyrics aren’t totally important. Hearing a phrase here and there is enough. My Kappa Roots has inherited the amazing gift of having his emotions and stories pour through a single acoustic guitar. Strings enhance parts of the album, providing a romantic, tender touch to his musical landscape.