The Silent Ballet reviews “The House of St Colme Burnt Down”

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The Silent Ballet had some nice things to say about The House of St Colme Burnt Down by My Kappa Roots.
Upon listening to The House of St. Colme Burnt Down, the album name inspired by a childhood play spot, one feels haunted, calm, heart-wrenched, warm, and lonely, often simultaneously. The listener often wonders if My Kappa Roots is suffering, his skilled finger picking bringing him a brief respite from the pain. The guitar is just as beautiful as Clark’s voice, but it is important to note that the lyrics are often indiscernible without close listening. Clark sings as if he doesn’t know if he deserves to be heard or not. He definitely does, but the music is so expressive instrumentally that it feels as if the lyrics aren’t totally important. Hearing a phrase here and there is enough. My Kappa Roots has inherited the amazing gift of having his emotions and stories pour through a single acoustic guitar. Strings enhance parts of the album, providing a romantic, tender touch to his musical landscape.

Kind words for Vacant Passages

Jonathan over at Leonard’s Lair had some nice things to say about Volume One in the Vacant Passages series.
‘Vacant Passages’ is a new four-part series created by Texan Jon Thompson for his Drifting Falling label. When all the parts are complete, the CD covers will form a picture of, what appears to be, a large vacant passage. Yet is the music a void, bereft of importance or feeling? Quite the opposite in fact. Across a quartet of tracks, the artists involved sit comfortably alongside each other; each crafting their own individual sounds.

Thompson’s own Oppressed By The Line outlet begins proceedings with ‘Oceanic’ and offers suitably grand gestures on this almost hymnal track. I particularly appreciate the way Thompson layers his own voice at various pitches to add soothing textures to his always melodic music. Continuing the dreampop theme but taking it to a narcotic level is The Air Alone whose ‘I Wish I Could Dream Of Spacemen’ emits a languid glow. Mole Harness is a relatively old hand now in layering acoustic and electronic instuments. Once again, he impresses with the twinkling atmospheres of ‘Meet By The River’. Then the EP ends with a slice of Scottish folk courtesy of My Kappa Roots, who effortlessly evoke warmth and nostalgia.

Despite the different styles contained within Volume One of the series, there is a common theme of unrushed, melancholic sounds at its core. The quality contained within certainly augurs well for the next three episodes.

Vacant Passages, Vol 1

Remember me saying something about a split EP series? You may have to dig deep here, it was quite a while ago. Well unfortunately one of the things that got pushed aside when we made our transatlantic move last Summer was the Vacant Passages series. Well, times they are a changin’ and while nobody that knows me would accuse me of being anything short of frantically busy… When it’s time, it’s time. Preorder for Volume 1 of Vacant Passages should be in the store soon.

Edinburgh folk scene

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I stumbled across an interesting blog post about Edinburgh’s folk scene that I thought I’d share. Two of my very favorite people in Edinburgh are My Kappa Roots and The Wee Rogue.

My Kappa Roots – Summer You Dancer [audio:drifting003/07-summeryoudancer.mp3]

Available in the Drifting Falling store.


While we’re still in the middle of this site overhaul, we’ve restored access to our old store to allow you to continue to purchase our releases through the site.

The House of St Colme Burnt Down

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The House of St Colme Burnt DownYou have a child and watch it take its first steps into the world….ok maybe that going a little over board, but man are we excited to announce that The House of St Colme Burnt Down by My Kappa Roots is out and available for purchase. When we started Drifting Falling we had a few demos that we’d collected over the course of a few months from friends and friends of friends. One of the demos that helped fuel the fire and passion to start Drifting Falling was a 3 track demo by My Kappa Roots. Having come full circle and after more than a couple sleep deprived nights. The House of St Colme Burnt Down takes its first wobbly steps into the world.

Vacant Passages line-up change

Due to unfortunate and unforeseen scheduling conflicts, Epic45 will now be included on Volume 2 of Vacant Passages. Volume 1 roster now includes Mole Harness, Oppressed by the Line, My Kappa Roots and The Air Alone.

My Kappa Roots – Tour Dates

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New My Kappa Roots tour dates added — including a rare London date. Keep your eyes peeled for more to come.

Release artwork

Music and artwork is finished for releases by Oppressed by the Line, My Kappa Roots, and Cheer. Needless to say, we’re extremely excited. Album release dates are forthcoming.