freqzine reviews “we move through negatives spaces” by kontakte

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Kontakte are one of those bands whose music is determined to make all the angst and cares of the world slip away into the place buried far, far away from the territory which they map out with bright-eyed enthusiasm, a landscape participated in through endless journeys and defined by bright colours sharply-defined in broad, dynamic […]

When the Clouds – Rise On (live)

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TRALLALÀLLA ( presenta: WHEN THE CLOUDS | Rise On, estratto da “The Longed-For Season” (Drifting Falling, 2010), live @ Nerofactory, Cosenza, 2 aprile 2011. WHEN THE CLOUDS | Rise On (live) from trallalàlla on Vimeo.

The Silent Ballet review “We Move Through Negative Spaces” by Kontakte

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In their sophomore effort, British quartet kontakte provide a natural continuation of their still-developing sound. We Move Through Negative Spaces features the infusion of electronic elements and the spacious grace of post-rock, the sound that 65daysofstatic laid the blueprint for in The Fall of Math and that bands like The American Dollar and 52 Commercial Road continue to extrapolate today.  In terms of sound output, kontakte lean more towards […]

When The Sun Hits interviews Ian Griffiths of Kontakte

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If you haven’t yet heard of Kontakte, perhaps you’ll remember their name from our Record Label Spotlight with Northern Star Records (read it HERE), as we gave them a lot of love in that article. And deservedly so – this UK outfit, consisting of Ian Griffiths, Gary McDermott, Stuart Low and Ben Worth, has been blowing my mind in particular ever since receiving their first full length LP, Soundtracks To Lost Road Movies, in 2008, from their label Drifting Falling. Sountracks is a great LP, but it in no way prepared me for how amazing their newest release, which came out in March 2011, would be. Entitled We Move Through Negative Spaces, this LP is an absolute triumph for Kontakte, incredibly gorgeous. We have a review of the new LP coming up next week on the blog, but until then, enjoy the following interview with band member Ian Griffiths, and have a listen to some of the tracks here. You will no doubt be instantly converted. When The Sun Hits expects huge things from Kontakte in the future, and after getting a taste of the music, you’ll see why.

Pop Matters reviews Kontakte

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On their sophomore album, London’s Kontakte strikes a perculiar but effective balance in textures. We Move Through Negative Spaces is as much informed by ambient music and electronica as it is by towering post-rock acts like Sigur Ros. Guitars ring out and build quiet layers, only to crash in distorted storms of sound later, while under it […]

Subba-Cultcha weighs in on Kontakte’s “We Move Through Negative Spaces”

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Kontakte are, as well as being a dab-hand at subverting the ol’ spell checker, a London based four-piece creating sparse post-rock sounds capes of melody with an electronic twist. Think Mogwai or 65daysofstatic segueing in and out with a drum machine driven Radiohead and you’re sort of there. We Move Through Negative Spaces is the second […]

The Quietus share their 1600 word thesis on “We Move Through Negative Spaces” by Kontakte

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Technology pulls us ever onward, whether we like it or not. Labour-saving devices give us greater leisure time, yet the free moments we gain seem increasingly fractured and pressurised. From the simple, hard, agrarian way of life rendered obsolete by the Industrial Revolution, to the equally game-changing advance of digital communications technology within our own lifetimes, burdens of toil once considered inevitable are lifted, while once-undreamt-of possibilities are placed easily within reach. The old tasks can be achieved so much quicker, but the list of new things to do can seem almost infinite. And as with so many revolutions, the saviour can soon turn tyrant, as we find we are merely marching to the beat of a different drum; a drum that beats faster with every round. reviews “we move through negative spaces” by kontakte

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Our Rating:           They may have shared stages with Damo Suzuki, Fuck Buttons and A Place to Bury Strangers, but the most obvious reference point for Kontakte is Explosions in the Sky. There’s no question over Kontakte’s capacity to produce luscious, chiming post-rock soundscapes punctuated by kaleidoscopic crescendos on a colossal scale, driven by dense waves […]

sonic abuse reviews “we move through negative spaces” by Kontakte

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This has been sitting in my queue of things to do for some time now and shamefully it has been overlooked. However, having arrived in Poland for a brief break and with my trusty netbook to hand, it seemed like high time to give a few releases a spin which I happen to have available […]

Kontakte – A Snowflake In Her Hand (Official Video)

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Promo film for the KONTAKTE track ‘A Snowflake In Her Hand’. A transatlantic collaboration by the band KONTAKTE and Mexico-based filmmaker Patricia Flores. All images and visuals © Patricia ‘Veruka’ Flores. 2010.All music © KONTAKTE. 2010.Taken from the album ‘We Move Through Negative Spaces’.Drifting Falling Records. 2011.