Norman Records reviews Clem Leek’s “Lifenotes”

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Rating: 4
…according to our Brian on 14 October 2011.

This appears to be Clem Leek’s “24 Postcards in Colour” with around twice the amount of tracks as his lovely collection for Hibernate. Unfurling with sombre wisps of drift, piano flourishes and a Morse code track that I never want to fade out, I’m reminded heavily of the Le Lendemain CD from a couple of years back. Now we’re into the journey sights you may see are yearning chamber violin yawns seduced by sensual guitar exploration, sad-eyed choccie box piano interludes a la early Nils Frahm, meandering sun-kissed post-rock daydreams, vignettes comprised of field recording hiss and two-rooms-down-the-hallway piano and some lively birdsong sound-tracking some more longing piano musings. A sweet collection of briefer, charming pieces, lovingly rendered and presented in another sweet Christopher Robin-esque sleeve. I like this guys stuff lots and this seems like a nice counter-release to file alongside the brilliant ‘Holly Lane’.

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