Bowlegs review’s “We Move Through Negative Spaces”

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Bowlegs enjoys nothing better than an album that runs together as a body of work. That is one huge reason why we’re enjoying the new release by London band Kontakte. ‘We move Through Negative Spaces’ is the result of some meticulous production in the studio, and all that effort has paid dividends for the band as they have created a soundscape of beauty.

Their blend of electronica, with static drum machine beats and bass lines sparking into a wall of sound, is complimented throughout by gorgeous guitars. To take one track from this album seems wrong, as it is meant to be heard as a consecutive hour of music. The opening track, ‘Astralagus’, begins proceedings on such a high note, with the slow build. Everyone knows the best thing about a slow build is the payoff, and this eight minute track pays off with swirling beats and a guitar riff recalling Modest Mouse’s ‘Blame It On The Tetons’.

This genre of music can often veer close to the pretentious, but somehow Kontakte never allow it to become so. On ‘Snowflake in Her Hand’ they add strings to their repertoire and it creates an undeniable sad beauty to their sound. Like Sigur Rós or Spiritualized before them, this is a band that have found their musical calling – confidently constructing their self-made atmosphere.

Yet the record is far from just serene and picturesque. They let their sound explode to life on ‘The Owls Won’t See Us Here’, which has a vitality and power more akin to the heavy electronica of 65 Days Of Static – demonstrating an urge to explore further.

Bowlegs strongly suggest you listen to this record – maybe whilst drifting through your surrounding landscapes . We promise it will improve your day, it did ours. RC

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