justmusicthatilike.com gives regen:tropfen (9 of 10)

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regen:tropfen recieves 9 out of 10 from Just Music That I Like

Zazie Von Einem Anderen Stern; the name doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, but the German “unconventional” classical pianist has produced a stunning debut album entitled ‘regen:tropfen’ (rain:drops)..

Now classical music is not my thing at all, and I mean at all, let alone one where the few vocal tracks are in German. However, this is quite astonishing.

‘regen:tropfen’ is breathtaking – I’ve used that word twice in two days and I meant it both times. From start to finish you are transported on a wholly emotive and absorbing journey, I love albums that are a complete experience and “regen:tropfen” is just that, no quick singular download from iTunes here.

Essentially the tracks are piano based melancholic compositions. There are times when you hear loads of weird noises and sounds, such as birds / traffic / babies and the like, then also random German speech but the sound of the piano heard almost throughout brings it all together and makes each track really beautiful, the themes are melancholy without doubt but also endearing and blissful.

I have absolutely no idea what Zazie is saying (I did Spanish at school!) but the vocal tracks are fragile, delicate and to simply sum this whole experience up, wonderful.

‘regen:tropfen’ is going to be the soundtrack to my late night listening for quite some time. 9.0/10

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