Dazed Digital talk ‘Soundtracks to Lost Road Movies’

Posted by on Jul 2, 2009 in kontakte, review | No Comments
Nice Q&A with the lads from Kontakte. Click through the link below for the the full article.
Attempting genuine post-rock has always been a treacherous pursuit – one just as likely to result in nonsensical folly, as paradigm challenging genius. Well, luckily for us, this time the coin has landed shiny side up. London’s very own Kontakte (Ian Griffiths, Gary McDermott, Stuart Low, and Ben Worth) appear to be the real deal.

Put on their debut album, “Soundtracks To Lost Road Movies”, and you are instantly beamed onto the autobahn – electronica ringing in your ears, whilst insurgent guitar lines roar past in a streaming blur. In fact, we were so convinced by the whole experience that we felt the need to pull over, pick up the car-phone and ask some questions.

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