The Silent Ballet on “Oppressed by the Line – Kiku”

The Silent Ballet post their thoughts on the newest Oppressed by the Line record, “Kiku”.
A fictional account of an album’s creation:

The artist sits silently among stacks of novella and memorabilia in a silent room. Very little light is present in the room save that given off by a few weak bulbs placed in corners. His movements are slow and careful as he reaches for a knob half hidden underneath a sheaf of papers. Suddenly the room seems to come alive in spite of itself: life despite dust. A chorus of dulcimers dance atop liquid xylophone strikes. The artist manipulates another creaky knob and the addictive introduction begins filling with other sounds like an opened dam. Moved by his own creation of dub drums and Utopian organs, he begins repeating a mantra into an echo chamber repeatedly, “Do you know how far I’ve come to be with you? Clarity escapes me.” The layering of elements is so pleasant it is repeated several times; the artist can’t help being pleased with its beauty.

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