Through seven years, six releases and multiple compilation appearances with his bandAir Formation, Matt Bartram has proven to be one of the most prolific, consistent and respected songwriters of the second wave of shoegazing. Recent live appearances include support for Ulrich Schnauss, Rachel Goswell, Secret Shine, The House of Love and The Wrens. Air Formation’s sound is massive and arresting, with traces of Mogwai or Explosions In The Sky coupled with healthy doses of Flying Saucer Attack and Sigur Ros.

In parallel to his work with Air Formation, Matt Bartram has spent the last few years recording more experimental excursions at home on his eight track. These home recordings generally spawn from improvisations based around simple rhythms and drone. Recently he’s found more time and enthusiasm for this way of working and has created a number of hypnotic, mesmerising and uplifting tracks which reflect a more ambient feel. Arundel, Matt Bartram’s first solo release is due March 11.