Oppressed by the Line’s Kiku reviewed by Leonard’s Lair

In the first review of the new Oppressed by the Line, Leonard’s Lair had some kind words to say about the disc.
Fresh from last year’s well-received ‘Soft Focus’ album, Oppressed By The Line (or Jon Thompson to give him his real name) has wasted little time in releasing the follow-up as well as managing his own Drifting Falling label. For his latest venture, Thompson used an excursion to Japan as the inspiration for the songs. ‘Kiku’ is the result and it’s a nocturnal delight expressed via the medium of shoegaze and electronica.

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Gareth Dickson’s Collected Recordings review by CITB

“I actually feel like the world has slowed down whilst listening to “Collected Recordings.” The pace takes you from the rigours of city modernity and slides you into the calmer waters of pensive naturalistic awakenings. It’s a slow journey that is fraught with melancholy but it’s the sort of stupor that you can actually feel the music help you release from. Like a dose of aural medicine that is bound to have a cathartic effect on the soul.”

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Video, Track Previews, Store Updates & Pre-orders!!

We’ve updated the Drifting Falling Store to include the pre-order of two forth coming releases that we’re very excited about.
Gareth Dickson – Collected Recordings
Oppressed by the Line – Kiku

We’ve also been quietly adding track previews to the store. There are still a couple of albums left to do, but we’ve made huge progress, so check out the store, have a listen, and get stuck in.

Finally, to wet your appetite, check the a video for Shinkansen (track 5) from the forthcoming Oppressed by the Line disc below:

Label Focus at Stereoworld.gr

Drifting Falling label head Jonathan Thompson talks to Stereoworld.gr. You can read the English language version here.

iTunes UK heaps praise onto Kontakte

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Some very high praise for contact from the folks at iTunes. Hey…they really are geniuses.
“The opening track from epic instrumentalists Kontakte’s debut album is hypnotic, ethereal and beautiful music that a 30 second sample simply cannot do justice to ! Backed with a steady motorik pulse Kontakte expertly build the atmosphere of each track, often reaching a crescendo of massive, orchestral proportions – but with guitars ! This is ace, very cool, epic space-rock… sounds like continents colliding.” – iTunes UK

Kontakte – Record of the Week

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Piccadilly Records has named Soundtracks to Lost Road Movies by Kontakte as the Avant-Post Rock/Drone Release of the Week for the Week of November 10th.

On the back of a couple of wondrous 7″ platters, Kontakte now offer up their fantastic debut album. Combining six tracks and remixes of those six tracks, “Soundtracks To Lost Road Movies” takes their motorik space-rock to new levels of excellence!


Kontakte. Two reasons…

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…why you really need to go see this band. Both clips are live from Sonic Cathedral. Kontakte – Motorik (Live @ Sonic Cathedral)
Kontakte – Pulse Machines (Live @ Sonic Cathedral)
While you’re at it pre-order their debut album “Soundtracks to Lost Road Movies” in the Drifting Falling Store.

Kontakte – Soundtracks to Lost Road Movies

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It’s here, the debut full length from London based Kontakte. They effortlessly blend motorik beats with face-melting guitar sounds.  “Soundtracks to Lost Road Movies” highlights their penchant for pushing the limits of the sonic-spectrum, combining ethereal melodies, celestial tones and a pulsing electronic backbeat to produce a hypnotic noise with depth, space and staggering intensity.

Kontakte – Pacific Coast Highway


Track Preview » Oppressed by the Line “Solitude”

Beginning and ending with a beautifully lilting guitar melody, Solitude is a track that will win you over with it’s sorrowful transcendence.  Solitude is the 5th track from Soft Focus.

Oppressed by the Line – Solitude

Vacant Passages, Vol 1

Remember me saying something about a split EP series? You may have to dig deep here, it was quite a while ago. Well unfortunately one of the things that got pushed aside when we made our transatlantic move last Summer was the Vacant Passages series. Well, times they are a changin’ and while nobody that knows me would accuse me of being anything short of frantically busy… When it’s time, it’s time. Preorder for Volume 1 of Vacant Passages should be in the store soon.