Gareth Dickson among Taylor Deupree’s 2010 Top 10

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As Taylor Deupree is an artist that we hold in very high regard around Drifting Falling HQ, we were and still are more than a bit chuffed to find Gareth Dickson’s “Collected Recordings” in his Top 10 albums of 2010 list. Furthermore, to be listed as one of his 3 stand outs is really pretty special to us.

it’s been an amazing year for music, i think. some of these records affected me deeply… and it’s always hard to choose just 10. though i try to keep my “top 10” lists to recent recordings, fact of the matter is, i spend a lot of time listening to previous years and old works.

Great Lake Swimmers continue to be on constant rotation as well as Brian Eno’s Thursday Afternoon which is my favorite recording of all time. for the first time on my top 10 lists is an internet radio station. i’ve never much been interested in radio, or internet radio for that matter simply because there’s no way a radio station can compete for my interest when i have so much great music in my library at home. however, fluid radio changed all of that. Both their CHANNEL 1 (experimental/ambient) and CHANNEL 2 (modern acoustic/folk) not only cater toexactly my tastes, but have also introduced me so countless new artists, something radio should do. But, unlike any other radio i’ve ever heard i don’t have to sit and wait for something to come on that i like, i simply put on one of the two channels and am completely fascinated with everything i hear.

i should write a bit about each of these releases below, but time is short. i can say, however, that the first 3 albums on this list were definitely the year’s standouts for me. they appear here in no particular order as they’re all quite different from one another. as well, the list in general is in no particular order. i’m particularly happy with this year’s output on 12k… and while i don’t generally like to put too many 12k releases in my own top 10, i have put these because they really struck a chord with me. Marcus Fischer’s Monocoastal is an album i wish i wrote myself. i find it to encompass a lot of what i like to explore when i write my own music. Seaworthy + Matt Rösner’s Two Lakes is on here because at first, when they sent me the demo, i didn’t know whether i liked it or not! i listened to it over and over and over and after about the 20th time i told myself “wait, if i’ve actually listened to it 20 times in a row, i must like it!” and that’s when i decided to release it. it’s an album of really unexpected complexity, very deceptive on the surface. as always, i love everything i release on 12k (i have to give a nod to the Pjusk album Sval here), it’s why i run the label and choose what to release.

i hope you all had a wonderful musical year and i look forward to see what 2011 has to offer. and of course, apologies go out to everything else i highly enjoyed this year which would have made this list much longer than ten.

– taylor deupree

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