Kiku gets props from Coast is Clear

Kiku gets props from a German indie-pop blog, Coast is Clear.  The translation below is terrible, and doesn’t really make much sense.  Also, while I’m good friends with Ben and Rob from Epic 45, they didn’t actually have anything to do with the production of this record.  If that’s even what it’s saying….?  A proper translation would be welcome, any volunteers?:
[begin awful auto-translation]
Jon Thompson from Texas has a very obvious penchant for light, floating arrangements, sound landscapes, both ambient as well as comforting Shoegazefreunden showers on the back should be chasing. The project has its Oppressed by the Line with skin and hair prescribed. On AC30 appeared a while ago his debut EP “The cause of the color” and the “soft focus” followed, from the 2nd June, the new album “Kiku” on the shelves (produced by people from the Epic45 environment) and waits for listeners who like to leave this Dreampopgefilde away. And who would not?
[end awful auto-translation]

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