Trying not to temp the fates

I’ve been looking at the release schedule, and grinning for the last half hour. We have some truly stunning releases coming your way in the coming months, but just as I avoid walking under ladders, I also try not unmasque layed plans too early for fear of tempting the fates who thus far have been very kind to us. That said, the next few releases include, the debut full length from Oppressed by the Line entitled “Soft Focus”, the debut full length from Matt Bartram of Air Formation called “Arundel”, and a stunning new ep from Televise entitled “Sometimes Splendid Confusion”.

Strings and Wires

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Strings and WiresStrings and Wires by Televise officially hits on May 1st, but you can purchase it now on the releases page. Televise new mini-album is a brave step into ambient minimal electronica. Finely sculpted works for your listening pleasure. This releases offers up 5 new tunes and a brilliant remix of “This is Where” as reworked by Mole Harness. Essential!

The House of St Colme Burnt Down

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The House of St Colme Burnt DownYou have a child and watch it take its first steps into the world….ok maybe that going a little over board, but man are we excited to announce that The House of St Colme Burnt Down by My Kappa Roots is out and available for purchase. When we started Drifting Falling we had a few demos that we’d collected over the course of a few months from friends and friends of friends. One of the demos that helped fuel the fire and passion to start Drifting Falling was a 3 track demo by My Kappa Roots. Having come full circle and after more than a couple sleep deprived nights. The House of St Colme Burnt Down takes its first wobbly steps into the world.