Track Preview » Matt Bartram “View of the Downs”

View of the Downs is the fourth track from Arundel.  Waves of distortion and feedback to get lost in.


Track Preview » Matt Bartram “Leave by Nine”

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Leave by Nine is the third track from Arundel. Absolutely stunning noise.


Track Preview » Matt Bartram “North Facing Window”

North Facing Window is the second track from Matt Bartram’s forthcoming album Arundel. Turn up your speakers, sit back, and prepare to have your face melted off.


Sleep? Who Needs Sleep?

Starting Press

I thought I’d share this pic of the first piles of Matt Bartram and Televise CDs packaged for press. The preorder is in full swing, get stuck in.

Matt Bartram and Televise albums on pre-order

Televise – Sometimes Splendid Confusion & Matt Bartram – Arundel
Both albums are on pre-order in the Drifting Falling store. The release date for both albums is March 11th, but pre-orders ship on March 4th.