The Silent Ballet reviews “Lifenotes” by Clem Leek

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Clem Leek only released his debut last year, but he already has several releases to his name and shows a maturity that dwarfs his experience. As a composer and multi-instrumentalist, Clem Leek navigates his tracks between a variety of genres, providing the listener with a constant source of intrigue and discovery. On Lifenotes, the artist plays to his compositional strengths by creating sketches of tracks that are as uninhibited as they are poignant. Although brief and sometimes rather sparse, the tracks on Lifenotes are never short on expression and demonstrate just how skilled Clem Leek has become at communicating with the audience. Less is often more, and Lifenotes is careful to not impose itself upon the listener; rather, the album passively unfolds and slowly draws the unsuspecting into its magnificence. 

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