Textura reviews Matt Bartram

There is the great review of the new Matt Bartram album, “Left to Memory” in the latest Textura.
In the liner notes to his second solo release (Arundel, the first, was released in March 2008), Air Formation’s Matt Bartram offers the gentlemanly suggestion: “This album will sound best when played loud so please turn it up.” Subjecting oneself to the album’s forty minutes of shoegaze songcraft, one doesn’t only undergo a thorough excavation of one’s ear canals but also experiences a heady and enveloping rush of guitars, programmed drums, and echo-drenched vocals (the gear listed at Bartram’s MySpace page includes Fender Jazzmaster, Jaguar, Telecaster & Thinline, Fender Jaguar Bass VI Custom, Guild Starfire III, synths, Farfisa).

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