Track Preview » Oppressed by the Line “Solitude”

Beginning and ending with a beautifully lilting guitar melody, Solitude is a track that will win you over with it’s sorrowful transcendence.  Solitude is the 5th track from Soft Focus.

Oppressed by the Line – Solitude

Vacant Passages, Vol 1

Remember me saying something about a split EP series? You may have to dig deep here, it was quite a while ago. Well unfortunately one of the things that got pushed aside when we made our transatlantic move last Summer was the Vacant Passages series. Well, times they are a changin’ and while nobody that knows me would accuse me of being anything short of frantically busy… When it’s time, it’s time. Preorder for Volume 1 of Vacant Passages should be in the store soon.

Track Preview » Oppressed by the Line “Sorry I Never Wrote You Back”

To help you get fired up for the coming release of Soft Focus, we’re posting a preview of the second track from the forthcoming album. It’s called “Sorry I Never Wrote You Back”.

Oppressed by the Line – Sorry I Never Wrote You Back

Oppressed by the Line – Soft Focus (Pre-Sale)

The wait is over, the follow up to The Cause of the Colour is now available for pre-order in the Drifting Falling store. Soft Focus, is overall richer in texture and more thoroughly realized than it’s predecessor. It’s 10 tracks of mournful melodies and sonic bliss…  You can preview Condensation, the first track, below.

Oppressed by the Line – Condensation

“The Cause of the Colour” in the Drifting Falling store

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In honor of the addition of the first Oppressed by the Line disc “The Cause of the Colour” to the Drifting Falling store, we present the song that electronic musician Antony Ryan (Isan) told us made him go pick up his guitar.

Oppressed by the Line – Even

Trying not to temp the fates

I’ve been looking at the release schedule, and grinning for the last half hour. We have some truly stunning releases coming your way in the coming months, but just as I avoid walking under ladders, I also try not unmasque layed plans too early for fear of tempting the fates who thus far have been very kind to us. That said, the next few releases include, the debut full length from Oppressed by the Line entitled “Soft Focus”, the debut full length from Matt Bartram of Air Formation called “Arundel”, and a stunning new ep from Televise entitled “Sometimes Splendid Confusion”.

Vacant Passages line-up change

Due to unfortunate and unforeseen scheduling conflicts, Epic45 will now be included on Volume 2 of Vacant Passages. Volume 1 roster now includes Mole Harness, Oppressed by the Line, My Kappa Roots and The Air Alone.

Release artwork

Music and artwork is finished for releases by Oppressed by the Line, My Kappa Roots, and Cheer. Needless to say, we’re extremely excited. Album release dates are forthcoming.

Vacant Passages

Confirmed for Volume 1 of the Vacant Passages series are tracks from the brilliant Epic45, Mole Harness and Oppressed by the Line. Full tracklist and release date to be announced.