“Skeleton Taxa” by Damian Valles receives 5 stars from Norman Records

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Rating: 5
…according to our Ant on 01 September 2011.

Damian Valles hasn’t been releasing solo music for a very long time. Only since around 2009 I think, however I suspect he’s been honing his sound for quite some time (in between playing in various bands over the past decade) as his previous releases on Hibernate, Under The Spire, Standard Form and now Drifting Falling are remarkably accomplished. Here Damian creates a most mysterious soundworld with a greater focus on instrumentation than on recent releases. Sure there are ambient/drone traces but elements of his post-rock past also shine through, with emphasis on more structured songs and arrangements. There’s drums, piano, field recordings, guitar, samples, really quite a rich tapestry with all manner of ticking, scraping, bells, snatched dialogue, etc. The complex patchwork is expertly woven all strung together by the warm and deeply comforting ambient tones he does so well. Loads to explore here with lots that will reward over repeated listens.