il mucchio mag reviews Damian Valles – Skeleton Taxa

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  1. Drifting Falling
    September 28, 2011


    Damian Valles

    Skeleton Taxa
    Drifting and Falling

    Whilst growing (maturing) in age, oftenly happens that a musician with a (post)-rocker past, gets transformed into a paladine of that kind of ambient music that finds its proper peak in delicious electronic veinatures to then get lost on the introspection of a piano and muffled field recordings.This is the case of the canadian musician Damian Valles – a past with obscure formations that have come out from the punk and hardcore local scene – whose Skeleton Tixa rapresents the highest peak of his musical formation.The intimistic magic of the sampling induced by the esigences (needs) of the instrumentalism that contains it (With a Lark’s Tongue End); the dilated harmony of a percussion that gently loses strength as the seconds pass; a circular organ. learned to be loved as no other sound has ever been perceived, a lunar landscape immortalized with a black and white that only the great musicians know how to modulate (Taxa); a nocturnal dirge that, unicum, benefices from the ethereal vocal accompaniment of his wife Heidi Hazelton (Bell and Arc).The totality, whispered with a grace and charm from another parallel universe inside of which while chasing the mantra of the Six Organs of Admittance, getting lost is the most natural solution.


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