Norman Records recommends “We Move Through Negative Spaces”

Posted by on Mar 15, 2011 in kontakte, review | No Comments

This reminds me a little (or possibly a great deal, simultaneously) of Maps, early Mogwai, EITS, 65daysofstatic & Epic 45. Their last effort was a motorik Krauty affair but this is all proper “epic guitar cathedral walls”, whispering, fluttery electronics & galloping, stomping, clattering drum machines with stately arpegiated guitar lines. There’s even some strings and piano in here someplace. It’s certainly not a case of re-inventing the wheel for this troupe of tender dreamers but for the air-punching instrumental post-rock brigade, there’s absolute lashings of heavenly, blissful chord changes & emotive crescendos to be consumed, especially on the monstrous ‘Hope’! Other tracks feature a familiar style of sensitive drum programming that recalls the tentative, stuttering explorations of the Millennium-straddling German/Scandinavian set but those bold, proud star-chasing guitars are firmly aimed at the skies, the sort of guitars that you – fantasy post-rock bro/sis – will totally fall in love with!!

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