“The Longed-For Season” reviewed on Space City Rock

Space City Rock review When the Clouds’ “The Longed-For Season”

It doesn’t require refined taste or extensive background information to enjoy The Longed-For Season, the debut EP by When the Clouds. But this easy-to-like ambient music is more than just pretty sounds — it also holds up to an analytical listen.

Francesco Galano (the man behind the moniker) makes his layered, complex songs from a mix of field recordings, glitch and drone noises, and acoustic instruments. The result is an organic sound with a slow, natural rhythm and occasionally swooping bass — real nice. It’s not always so fall-asleep-to-able, though. Most songs rise slowly but have strong climaxes that put a little drama into the otherwise calm feel.

With a nod to post-rockers such as Explosions in the Sky, Galano grounds his otherwise airy and ethereal music with pleasantly simplistic guitar and bass. The occasional glitch-y sounds and light drums also help to bulk it up. The Longed-For Season is definitely worth repeated listening. It’s top-notch rainy Sunday morning theme music — warm, comfortable, and happy.

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