Drowned in Sound » Matt Bartram “Left to Memory”

Drowned in Sound share their thoughts on Matt Bartram’s latest album, “Left to Memory”.
Although better known as the frontman for Brighton’s Air Formation, Matt Bartram has actually been making music in his own right for the past two years. Last year’s low-key release Arundel proved to be a seminal introduction which combined ambient melancholy with distilled electronica and Left To Memory, released earlier this month, takes his panoramic musical vision one step further. Take the album’s centrepiece, ‘Twelve String Loop’, for example; a glorious washed-out slab of voluptuous guitar ambience that features Christian Savill, formerly of Slowdive. Its angelic sounds join the record together like heavenly rivets, while the compellingly claustrophobic ‘Another Wave’ adds another string to Bartram’s already over-populated bow.

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