Soundtracks to Lost Road Movies top 10 album of 2008

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Soundtracks to Lost Road Movies was named a top 10 album of 2008 by Crumbs in the Butter. Read on to see what these enlightened folk had to say.
“Soundtracks For Lost Road Movies” is a remarkably apt title… A cinematic trip where the landscape is awe inspiring and ecstatically ethereal. Kontakte’s music swells and simmers; (it’s) Music to wonder at, to close your eyes to and slip into a hallucinogenic naturalistic world. The album shows a depth of musicianship, production and song structure. As the musical journey comes to and end, you are left sitting back in awe. As you start to feel yourself come down, you find you must take the trip again and again.” – Crumbs In The Butter (Top 10 Albums 2008)