• mattbartram_momentsbefore

    Matt Bartram - Moments Before (Coming Soon)

  • mattbartram_thedreaminginvisible_slide

    Matt Bartram - The Dreaming Invisible.......

  • clemleek_lifenotes

    Clem Leek - Lifenotes

  • damianvalles_skeletontaxa_slide

    Damian Valles - Skeleton Taxa

  • kontakte_wemovethrough_slide

    Kontakte - We Move Through Negative Spaces

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The new single “Dissolve” from Matt Bartram is out today. This is the first single …

Matt Bartram interviewed by When the Sun Hits

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Interesting interview with Matt Bartram from When the Sun Hits.

London-based musician Matt Bartram is best known as …

Mind the dust…

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As you can see we’ve got a new site. We hope you like it as much as we do. It’s not feature complete yet, we’re still changing and adding …

Avant Music News reviews “Lifenotes”

Mar 14, 2012 | No Comments

Review from Avant Music News of “Lifenotes” by Clem Leek:
Clem Leek from Kent in the southeast of England …